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americans which country do you have a more positive opinion on?

sweden or israel?

also explain your reasons why.


gunnar are you okay with white people becoming a minority in western nations like canada or sweden? why or why not?

Update 2:

gunnar-is donald trump viewed positively in sweden?

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    Why did you drag Canada into this?

    I live in Canada. I don’t really care what you’re skin colour is provided you’re a decent person and happy to be here.

    Explain your reason why you should even care, if you’re American?

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    Sweden, as unlike Israel their army doesn't murder innocent civilians on a regular basis.

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    Israel is a hell for anyone who is not a Jew.

    They propagandize in America that Israel is very tolerant blah blah blah. Ask an Arab citizen living in Israel. They will tell you what it is really like to be a minority in Israel.

    Jews preach universalism for others while practicing tribalism for themselves.

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    Sweden. It's a bastion of egalitarianism. Israel is an apartheid state where freedom is restricted to those of a particular religion who toe the party line.

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    Israel. It is a bastion of freedom in a region in turmoil. Sweden is a bunch of hipsters.

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