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I'm a dumbass, and I need confirmation that this dude is into me or not?

Okay, to catch ya'll up to speed around 2 years ago I was starting to become friends with this guy let's call him 'D'. So one day D decides to message me practically asking for a one night stand of some sort, but he went about it in a friendly way, not really saying outright that he wanted a one night stand, just that he was lonely and that he was home alone. I stopped messaging him as soon as I realized what he wanted and he moved to the big city shortly afterward and I haven't seen or spoken to him since. To clarify, I am interested in him, he's nice, he's nice looking, and we have the same interests, but I was dumb and scared because I've never really been in a relationship before. Now two years later, I'm doing some work at my school. I fell a tap on my shoulder, I look around and no one is there, but someone sits next to me. I quickly whip my head around and my heart starts beating out of my chest and I'm stunned. It's D, he gives me a wide smile and we have a short conversation. He brings up that it's been 2 years and that he missed me, and that we haven't seen or talked to each other in so long. But as quickly as the conversation started it ended. He caught up with his friends and I shakily went back to my work. A few minutes later he passes by my table, a small note gets tossed on my school books. I look up to see him walking out of the room. The note says 'looking good tbh' I honestly think that he likes me, but I want a second or third opinion on this.


(EDIT)I recently messaged him about a week ago saying that it was nice to see him again and no response, I see he didn't read it so I send another one asking how long he's in town for. Nothing. So I let it sit for awhile. I check in on it again today (Thursday) he has seen the messages on Monday and there's no response now I'm second guessing myself wondering if I read it all wrong. What should I do?

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    Sure seems like it. A quick "you too" will hopefully help ease any concerns.

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    You can't be more of a dumbass if you tried

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      I mean true, but I have anxiety issues and I'm worried that I'm reading this wrong, that's why I wanted a second opinion 😂 thanks for being so blunt i guess

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