My guy friend confessed his feelings for me... now he’s gone. What do I do?!?

We have been close friends the entire year here at university. This past week, we slept together almost every night (no sex, just cuddling) and have been getting more romantic with eacother. His friends also told me that he would be interested in a long term relationship with me next year but didn’t want to say anything because it could have jeopardized our friendship... he doesn’t know that his friends said he liked me and he doesn’t know for sure if I like him back (just in case things don’t work out). He’s now back home on the other side of the country for the rest of the summer so I won’t see him in person for 4 months! I’ve got his number, we text, share stuff on social media, etc. He’s total husband material and a gentleman. I don’t want to lose our friendship or potential relationship. What do I do now? How can I handle not being able to see him for so long?

Pa. I’ll be super busy over the summer and I have a lot of hobbies but I will miss him :(

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  • Pyrus
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    2 years ago
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    The first thing that you need to realize is that even when you two are together, you still have to be friends with one another (close friends). Why am I stating this? Because this friendship that you have now is INDEPENDENT of whether you have a marital status with this person who love so much. This means that you should not worry about details such as not being friends with him IF it happens that the relationship didn't work. Instead, see this as an opportunity, a support in your relationship in case things get a bit bumpy. As for a long distance relationship (temporary in this case), don't worry. It's not as long as you think. I have a friend who is ENGAGED and hasn't seen her fiance in more than 1 year. Their love is still very strong and going. They both still post pictures of the day they got engaged, and rekindle their love by these memories.

    So, my advice is to keep communicating, and CHANGING the method in which you communicate. Sometimes calls, others video calls, sometimes pictures, chat, Skype, etc.

    Will you miss him? Yes, definitely. But what will keep you connected to him all the while is the strength of your love for him. Good luck :)

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  • Kay
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    2 years ago

    Oh, I know how you feel. My BF and I met in high school, but he was a senior when I was a junior, so he went out of state for college for his first year (then dropped out to go to school closer to home, but still). Talk with him every night, mail each other gifts, talk about what you'll do when you meet. I was writing a novel when my BF was out of state, and he would help me brainstorm and stuff like that, and that really helped me get through it. Just think of the moment when he will hold you in his arms again.

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