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Are CRT TVs Progressive or Interlaced?

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    Interlaced and ANALOG. The spec called for 525 lines interlaced to prevent flickering. Towards the end if the CRT era, flickering was not a problem. What more, actually getting 535 lines of analog data basically didn't happen. Anyone that tells you that a CRT television is 480p or 640x480 is flapping their gluteous maximus. They have no clue what they are talking about.

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    I don't have anything to say here.

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    Almost all were interlaced.

    A very, VERY few were capable of progressive scan.

    Those were Extremely expensive new, and would be nearly impossible to find today.

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    The majority of them are interlaced. There are some 480p. The brother in-law had a 480p TV but that’s the only one I’ve seen in my life.

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