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So here's the problem my mother inlaw has an ipad (4th gen I believe) that's needs to be reset. The problem is we dont know the apple I'd password. My father inlaw set up the apple I'd and he has passed away so no one knows what the password or the answers to the secret question are. Ontop of that the email address set up with the apple I'd got hacked and my mother inlaw doesn't have access to that email anymore

I tried to resetting it through the ipad settings but can't because it asks for the password that we dont know

I tried resetting it through iTunes on my pc but it says I have to turn off find my device first and the ipad wont let me turn it off because again it asks for the password before it will turn it off.

So is there any possible way to reset this ipad besides going into a repair store and paying someone

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  • 1 year ago
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    You need to recover the account via the Apple ID web site:!&page=signin

    Apple will not do anything to clear the ID on a tablet or phone etc. where the owner cannot enter their ID and password; they have no way of knowing if its stolen or not.

    There is no way whatsoever to bypass the security; it's the main anti-theft system and would be pointless if it were not secure.

    The "lock" account info is stored on Apple's servers as well so cannot be compromised.

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    1 year ago

    Ask Apple.

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