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Math Homework Help !!!!!! CONFUSION?

For each exponential function, state the base function, Then state the transformations that map the base function onto the given function. Use transformations to sketch each graph.

b) y = 1/4 (2) ^ -x + 1

I know that the a value is 1/4, the base function is 2^x, there is a reflection in the y axis and it moves 1 unit up from the base function.

I don't understand why the back of the book says that there is a vertical stretch by a factor of 1/4. When it states that when a is greater than 0, but less than one it will be vertically compressed.

Same thing for example c)

y= -2(3)^2x+4

Apparently there is a horizontal compression by a factor of two, but from my notes it should be horizontally stretched by a factor of 1/2

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    I thought a horizontal stretch of 1/2 was the same as a horizontal compression of 2 (its reciprocal)?

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