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What reading strategies do you use when you read?

What reading strategies do you use when you read? What sorts of questions are you asking of the text, and of yourself, when you are given a text to read? Does it change depending on whether it is a short story, a play, a novel, an essay, or a poem?

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    I figure out my strategy on a book-by-book basis (even within the same genre, say, fiction, there are authors who are easier and others who are more demanding).

    The book that took the most of me, my "mount Everest", was a psychology book I really wanted to assimilate, but it was hard. I read in daily sessions of 50 pages, making my way through every sentence -making sure I understood each completely before moving on-, and underlining stuff. The next day, I re-read my underlinings from the previous day before moving on, and it worked like a "shuttle", to get me "up to speed" before reading new material.

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    Fiction: What's the protagonist's problem or goal? How is she tackling it? Can she? Is she confident or not about her plan of action? Why did the author write this scene? What is he or she telling us? Questions like that.

    Non-fiction: What are the facts, ma'am? What's your argument and how do you support it? Do I agree with it? Why or why not?

    If it's a how to book, how do I solve the problem? What do I need to know? What should I be aware of? How long will it take? How hard is it to accomplish? Can I do this?

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    I start at the beginning.

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