How to get a behavioral needs (just isn't being disciplined at home) student to listen and almost basically fear you? This is killing me?

We've had a great yr in our pre-k & the devil decides to show up at the end of the school year. I've gotten compliments from the Exceptional needs dept on how well I work with my other one on one students who have all moved on to other states this yr. A new student from NJ just started last wk & he's a disaster. I've nvr been bit to the point I bleed by anyone or urinated on. This child is out of control. The dean of students accused me of yanking him, but other adults in the class said I didn't yank him, I followed proper protocol with trying to stand him up. The dean of students who is friends w/the principal who's never spoken to me to just this week or even knew my name (swear to God) told the principal and the principal has already been taken downtown on by several staff memebers for being a bully and she's cried in staff meetings wanting to know who would do such a thing forcing ppl to talk and confess. Anyway, principal took dean of students word for it. Now dean of students along w the new boy's mom n gma witnessed him in action through our 3 way mirror yesterday and they said they've nvr seen him behave like that. The dean of students shut her mouth & said nothing cuz she felt stupid not beliving me & the teacher & regular assistant how he beats us & the students & they wont let us do anything about it. Mom n gma said they were sorry & embarrassed & when they saw him pee on the floor they wanted to bust through the glass & stop him. Theresaschoolthatcaterstokidslike.

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  • 1 year ago

    have him removed from the class by a police man

    after calling children and youth services on the parents

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    1 year ago

    the fact that they've seen it themselves is a good start. they need to realize that not all children can be raised exactly the same way. some of them never need disciplined, and some need more discipline than others.

    he needs taught that there are consequences to his actions, and unfortunately, only parents can do this effectively.

    it is possible he only behaved when THEY were around out of fear, and thought that, without them around, he was free to do whatever he wanted.

    they should really have a conversation with the child in front of you. something like "that is not something you should ever do" and "why did you think that was okay to do?".

    confronting him with all parties present, so that he knows you both know, will reinforce him to NOT misbehave. his parents may need to threaten him, like "no TV" or "no snacks" if he misbehaves.

    again, every child has different needs. you just need to find the path that works.

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