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I've reached my peak in life. Should I kill myself since it can only go downhill from here?

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    I reached my full height at 14. Since then, I have doubled my weight.

    If you reach your peak at something, you can always expand in other ways

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    NO!!! don't listen to some Anonymous lovers telling you to hurt yourself... you should cruise on cruise control and relax... Sit back and watch nations fall because all they know is War...   right guys?? right..   They are scared of Ideas that work for peace...  ask John Lennon...  no he's not dead...  only 23 Chromosomes believe that...

  • ?
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    2 years ago

    Pass that peak. Pilot the pull that allows skiers or snowboarders

    to slide uphill. To keep going leaving the white for open air and

    a controlled descent. As seen in YouTube video that had a peak

    quitter arrive safely into snowy pasture within a European valley.

    The same pull powers buggies on dry lake beds. Home-built sleds

    that roll if pulled on disused railroads. I'm using a 9 meter Liquid

    Force pull of my Whitehall skiff in wind of Beaufort Scale #5, #6,

    and the low end of #7. Ships at sea use bigger pull. To see pull

    like mine visit YouTube Video, KITE TENDER. See also pull you

    can step out of a boat to enjoy and go aboard as needed.

    My instructional manual is titled: TRICKTIONARY. English edition.

    Me? I'm a retired senior citizen beside the Salish Sea I walk my

    pull to the water and walk home afterward. In Detroit I use the

    DDOT Route #12 bus to get pulled south into Ohio and back

    atop the International Waterway.

  • L&M
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    2 years ago

    No. Go skiing or snowboarding and enjoy the ride down the hill. Then you can take the lift back up and do it again. There are many peaks to ride.

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  • 2 years ago

    yes. Bye.

  • Webbo
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    2 years ago

    No, suicide is never the answer.

  • Liar
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    2 years ago

    You should find a better place to troll than Yahoo Answers. If trolling a dying site is your 'peak' then that's pretty sad.

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