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He cancelled on me last minute...?

We had been dating for two years. In January he moved across the country and he started acting different towards me. It was obvious our relationship wasn't one anymore.

He moved back home permanently two days ago. And he has yet to see me.

Today is my one day off and we had plans. Then this morning I woke up to a text from him saying, ''I forgot I have a dinner with my parents.'' Which I found super odd because I thought he would have invited me. Then tomorrow he asked to see me. I work till 8pm and I told him that, he said that was fine because he was busy till 5 anyways.

I feel really let down and hurt and don't understand what the heck is going on with him.

Any advice?

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    From outside listening to your situation, it sounds like he's grown apart from you but doesn't want to cut you out of his life. Perhaps moving away then moving back shifted the way he feels and the experiences he's had with you already. Even if you feel the "same way" about him as you did before this life change happened, he may feel guilty about straight out dumping you upon his return, so he's slowly backing off and disappointing you in hopes that maybe you'll break up with him or stay at the same distance.

    Have you spoken to him about this feeling of distance and just said, hey, something doesn't seem right, do you still want to be with me?? If he's wasting both of your time simply because you have a history together and he moved back, don't force the relationship - it's just going to drag on like this in months to come.

    Ask HIM what he wants to do and give him the option to walk away if this isn't for him any more. At least then you'll know you're best moving on to someone else who won't go hot and cold on you.

    Good luck!

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