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If were sure this is a simulated reality, how do we know it's not individually simulated?

And then how do we know we don't go on past the end of life?

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    Oh what fun it is to ponder =)

    Well, if all of life is simulated, then it is in fact a reality to you anyway, so it quite frankly makes no difference.

    If it is simulated individually vs universally, again what difference does that make to you specifically, you are still in it.

    The only thing that makes a difference is the end result of it.

    Option A - Its real or its simulated, and after you die nothing happens.

    Option B - Its real or its simulated, and after you die something happens.

    That's really it for options. Now, option B has a several different avenues it could go, but if you happen on option A, then again it doesn't matter.

    But, Lets go down the option B.

    After death, something happens to you.

    A. You stay an entity you are, now detached from a dead lifeless body, roaming either the earth or existence.

    B you become a new entity either here or somewhere else.

    A is the ghost belief

    B is the religious or creation belief

    But option A is not a stand alone belief because that would mean without creation and life coming from non-life, all these remaining entries throughout eternity onwards would be infinite. So lets skip that conundrum and move onto option B cause it still ends at no point.

    Option B, religious / created universe and existence.

    Here we are at two options again.

    A There is a creator of the existence you are in

    B. There is a God

    These are not the same thing; many people have trouble differentiating these…but be assured these are not the same.

    Lets go through Option A creator first.

    Someone created a world and put "living" beings in it that world that were created in that world. We can see this very easily in video games now. I can create a world put NPC's in it and they were created and live in the world, this goes on for ever, or until my server dies…lol

    This goes back to the simulation question. The answer is yes, this is entirely possible, but doesn't answer the point of it. (I will touch back on this)

    Option B there is a God, he/she/they created this universe and us in it. we were created out of what is not known and possible outside of the laws of the universe we are in. This doesn't explain the point either, but I want you to see a weird similarity.

    Both A and B created us from a world outside of ours because inside ours they couldn't have existed without existence.

    Let me go deeper, imagine you are that NPC created inside of a very developed game. A game full of worlds, and created to the same detail we see today in our world. You were developed with brilliant AI and the ablility to think inside of the game to the point you believed it was your complete real existence. Could you ever see the creator? Nope. DO you know of anything outside of your existence? Nope. Completely different realms of existence. You are digital, though you don't know it, and your creator is outside in "reality"

    Now digging even deeper, imagine you trying to figure out how you got created. Imagine looking at the vast landscapes and seeing that they were built from similar materials the cars were built from, and that animals acted similar to you "humans". That you had similar make up or habits. You could start piecing together (using your nicely given intellect) how your world came to be... however it would be completely non-sense (no matter how logical it is to you) as you don't even realize you’re in a creation.

    What am I rambling on about, get to the point?

    Exactly… what's the point of it?

    Well if you’re in the creation or simulation reality then the point is whatever the creator made the point to be, if he/she/it did make a point.

    If you’re in God's created reality, then the point is whatever God dictated the point to be.

    But which one matters?

    Well in the created simulation universe you are living by the laws / rules whatever of the person or entirely that created it, but that person that created you is outside it. So what governs them, maybe even they are a simulation, and if they were in a simulation eventually working yourself out you would eventually get to something that was "real" Meaning several (or thousands) of layers of simulations you still get back to there is a God or there is not a God.

    Now what happens at the End of life, well were back to either nothing or something.

    If nothing, then who cares, but if something who knows?

    Well, the only person who would really know is someone outside of the creation, so at the end of it all that's God right?

    So either nothing happens and no one knows, or something happens and God knows what will happen.

    Well if it’s the later, then we are in that other dilemma where God is outside of our existence and cant tell us, and Surly you can’t trust anyone else inside of the creation as who know what part they play in the creation.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had a guide book. And even better wouldn't it be wonderful if he created himself within our world and told us for sure?

    Ahh, drum roll please … here it comes.

    God did do it, it’s the Bible and God did Come to us His name is Jesus!

    Seriously though, God created you for a reason, because he loves you and wants you to know him, he put that search in your heart that you would seek him, and he is there for you when you are ready to follow him. This goes for all of us.

    This life you are in right now, is the Choice side, here is where you get to make the choices that impact the rest of existence in front of you. You can choose to follow him and listen to him, or you can choose not to, what happens after death appears to be his decision, no one else’s. He knows what he has for you, and from what I have heard, it is a Good existence to be had!

    Well, one thing is for sure, you will find out soon enough, all of us will, some have days some have years, but all only have one life.

    Good luck on your journey of searching, your loving Father is waiting for you to come to him!

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  • Kenny
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    11 months ago

    Well we don't but pain still hurts so get with the program .

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  • Hal
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    11 months ago

    We do go on past the end of this mortal life. It's hard to think it's a simulation when something happens to cause an intense pain though. You get the feeling it's very real, and not just an appearance. One good thing about experiencing physical stuff like hiking, swimming, running, effort, rest, and many other things, is you begin to notice how actual this body is, even though we do indeed also feel disconnected from it -- that's our spirit/soul, the part of us that is more transcendent.

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  • 11 months ago

    Or the player get boored, puts it on pause and never comes back.

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  • 11 months ago

    If "we are" sure of what?

    Dreaming and wishful thinking will not put bread on the table.

    Learn a trade other than preaching.

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  • Word
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    11 months ago

    We don't know. We also don't know that we don't wake up in another reality after we're done here. But there's no reason, nor any benefit really, to think that's the case.

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    I checked .............................

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