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Whats you opinion on our sustainable architecture project?

We are proposing an idea of a hotel with a green roof. The roof will be a recreational and green space. Any thoughts or ideas? We need an opinion from an expert.

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    You need to understand the difference between a green roof and a roof garden. Green roofs are normally provided as an alternative to a flat roof and are not generally meant to be walked on except for maintenance. They insulate and control rainwater run off and increase biodiversity.

    Roof gardens have been a feature of city centre hotels for decades and the cost of the structure increases. They get this back because it increases the attractiveness of the offer to clients. Roof top swimming pools are not unusual, particularly where real estate land is in short supply.

    A famous example in London is the pre-war Derry and Toms department store which was planned to carry an additional storey, but it was never built. This allowed enough capacity to construct a series of amazing roof gardens complete with flamingoes and more than one hundred trees.

    For sustainable design you need to be looking at a range of measures: Photovoltaic panels, solar collector panels for hot water, biomass boilers, rainwater harvesting, wind power, geothermal energy sources etc etc. Hotels use a lot of electricity, hot water, air conditioning, refrigeration and heating; they also have to consider their reputation - being eco-friendly boosts sales. Look at something like the Proximity Hotel in N Carolina - and notice they decided to use the entire roof as a solar collector.

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    The modern hotel located in a beautiful city impresses with openness and organic simplicity. The roof-garden helps regulate the temperature, gives the house a more organic look, helps it better integrate into the environment. The roof garden is intended to be visited and can weigh quite a lot. Heavy and wet soil also make the roof the heavier. It is necessary to engage a builder’s engineer when starting a roof gardening project. It is also important to calculate the metal roof cost ( ) when you start to planning projects.

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    The problems are that the roof will need to extremely heavily built to sustain the weight. That will cost quite a bit more. Then there will be the problem of what happens if there is a roof leak? I'm no expert on "green roofs" but I know quite a bit about engineering due to my trade. There will need to be some kind of drainage system under whatever you are going to use for soil or growing media. Again, expensive. Another additional expense is going to be the liability insurance. Any insurance company is going to jack the rates way up if you have people up on a roof, no matter how good the barriers are at the edge - just because they have an excuse to.

    Don't get me wrong. I wish you luck and hope it is a big success but this is one of those things that might seem like a great idea but is riddled with pitfalls.

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    That has been done before, and there is even a museum in San Francisco with this, so do an internet search to see others, but dont pass this off as unique

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    Look up the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto, Ontario. They have a green roof where they keep bees in addition to the plants. .

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