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what is it that i'm hearing at night?

I work night shifts. I usually go on break around 3 am and I go out for a quick stroll around the building. on my way to the back entrance where we enter, almost every night, I hear thousands of hiss noises. There is trees above me and beside me, not big ones but they're kinda twisty and thick, and a **** ton of bushes. It sounds like 20,000 random hiss noises. It makes me run to the front door as quick as I possibly can. No lights shining or anything. I am not bothering whatever is there. What could this even be? I live in Toronto, no wild insects like Australia are there. Am I in danger for walking?


it also sounds like partial growling.

Update 2:

definitely not cicadas, it sounds ANGRY

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    Is it hissing or buzzing? if its buzzing, it could be cicadas. (a type of very annoying bug)

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      it is hissing. scary hissing.

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  • Toruko
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    Walk with shuffled footing. Noise alerts wildlife and gets them

    moving away from your person. Various small mammals may

    hiss. Cats, for example/ Many hunt in darkness hours.

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  • 10 months ago

    Cicadas, they're harmless

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    • Inquizetif
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      So you close the question and award best answer to someone that didn't answer your question. What a moron you are. You've heard the sound that every species of cicada produces, quite a feat when there are over 3300 species in existence. Cicadas do increase their volume as someone nears their roost

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