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Reggie asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 2 years ago

How do you deal with being confronted by a gang?

So I'm waitng at a bus stop, and three guys about the same size as me walk up the opposite side of the street. They knew I had seen them, cause I can hear them saying stuff like " We see you! and "That him? Get em!" I didn't run cause I had feeling they would chase me down and I would have to face them either way. So they come across the street and stop right in front of me at the stop.

Trying not to start anything, I talk to the guy closes to me "What's up, you good?" He says no, then says he needs 5 dollars. I lie and say I have 1 dollar. Without loosing eye contact I give it to him. They never touch me and insist they weren't going to try anything. ( even though I though that was BS) As they walk away, they laugh at how much I was shaking and stuttering.

I get on the bus without any problems a minute later. I had never had this happen to me before

I honestly feel angry because I got so anxious and scared at the time, and I let them know that.

Aside from fighting them, was there a better way I could have dealt with this?

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  • 2 years ago

    Call the police. Common sense, right?

  • 2 years ago

    You did well. Best not to carry much cash on you: having given them money once they might try again. Try to vary your route/bus stop if you can. Don't try to fight three people or to run away. If they remark that you are shaking, tell them that you are shaking with anger that it takes three of them to try to scare you. Good Luck - stay strong!

    I wonder if any of this will help: People who are feeling confident and secure and have self respect don't feel a need to call people names, criticise, bully, shout, etc.

    Bullies want attention, and my general feelings are that if people allow them to get their way through fear (the ultimate emotional reaction) they are succeeding and will continue. One way to combat verbal bullying is not to ignore them completely as this shows that they are getting to you, but demonstrate that you have heard the remark or whatever with a glance, dismissive wave or brief response ("oh yes", or similar) and THEN ignore them. Why should you care what such a pathetic person thinks of you? (Only weak and needy people feel a need to bully). Alternatively, or in addition, try to use some humour (U.K. spellings!). It need not be mocking humour, but some light-hearted banter can often diffuse situations.

    Put on an imaginary suit of golden armour, and visualise the unkind remarks (or those you perceive to be unkind - be very careful not to imagine a slight when none is intended) as arrows, harmlessly bouncing off your armour and falling to the ground.

    If the abuse is physical, you could join a martial arts or self defence class. Or even check out some moves on Youtube. Learn to defend yourself without retaliating.

  • Pearl
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    2 years ago

    you could tell the police they were bothering you

  • david
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    2 years ago

    Tell him: "Look, if you need some money, McDonalds is hiring!"

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    I think you handled it quite well actually. I probably would had not given them money but I would had made up some bs excuse. I wouldn't give them money because when I pulled it out they would see that I have a bunch of money on me ...I really don't think you could have handled it better IMHO. You were just in a bad situation

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