Please help what school I should go to?

There s two schools that I am unsure that I would like to go. There s Mohawk College for Advertising and Marketing Communications, or there is Lethbridge College for Communications. My dream is to always be a advertiser or a marketer on the business side and Mohawk offers that! But there is a problem. I am not from Ontario and I will have to be in student debt versus if I go to Lethbridge. If I were to stay in Lethbridge I would be in student debt (since I get free rent, my job transfers over, free food, keep my car etc) and after college I ll have to transfer to get a communications degree. I don t know if a communications degree is useful in these days and age and I don t know if a communications degree helps be become an advertiser. Please help me chose I really wanna make the right decision.

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  • 2 years ago

    Communications, journalism, media, etc, degrees are a glut on the market. Advertising, PR, journalism, etc, have been glamour occupations & glutted markets at least since the 1960s, probably since the 1950s. You need to get straight into a top-rated bachelor's degree program, and plan on going for a master's. You'll need exceptional talent, writing/publishing credits, and more to have any chance of a good career. And you will start with scutwork, IF you can find an internship or entry-level position.

    How badly do you want this? Do you really have the talent, creativity, and personality traits to have a chance in such a tough field? Or do you think it's glamourous?

    Source(s): worked in PR internationally with one of the world's top PR firms; writer, editor, publisher. Recruited for PR work based on published writings/journalism
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