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Is this normal? Does this happen to everyone when trimming their toenails?

I was sitting down and trimming my toenails today. Sometimes as I am moving down to reach my toes to trim the toenail it feels like muscles are pulling and it even feels like I have a liver cramp as im doing it. I just had one glass of red wine mixed with iced tea with my dinner, and even when im not drinking alcohol and I trim my toenails this happens. is this normal?

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    1 year ago

    This happens to me also. I have a small liver lesion which is of no concern apparently. You might have one and not know it. I'm not even sure if a lesion is the cause of what you described. I think sometimes it does that with my heart, which I know has no abnormality. Maybe it is just normal. Anyway, I keep on living with no problems so it's probably not something too concerning.

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  • 1 year ago

    I sometimes have nerve problems with my feet. It probably depends on how you relax your foot. Whether your flexing it to much or keeping it to still

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