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How to get faster and more stamina.?

I have 4 months to train for two tryouts for football⚽️ In two weeks in a row( A football club and my high school team) I don’t want to get tired easily since I’ll be doing a whole 2 week of none stop running. I can run 7 minutes a mile so am average I guess, but I want 5 minutes. How many miles should I run everyday and how to build stamina.

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  • 2 years ago

    Every day is good because the body does not recover every day

    If you do every day, it is better to divide the muscles you use a little on high pace day and low pace day

  • Julien
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    2 years ago

    You mean your only objective is to improve your time when running a mile? (not more than one mile nor less, and not a specific football training)

    Then you would typically want to cut your training into something roughly like this:

    Part 1: on the first two months or so, you only do interval training. You start by peaks around 80% Maximal Aerobic Speed (MAS), without trying to precisely determine what your MAS is, then on month 2 you try to measure your MAS precisely and spend month 2 running very close to 100% MAS during half of the training sessions (not everyday).

    Part 2: you introduce some specific 1500m/Mile training, getting used to your pace. During the first half of month 4 you should do only specific training, no more interval training. Then during the second half of month 4 you train very lightly and focus on recovery (tapering).

    Those are the main lines, but you can look for advise of an athletics coach/club close to your place to have a more detailed plan.

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