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Could a cold actually be this bad?

I was talking to my doctor probably around 3 days ago, we were talking about a previous blood test I did for liver function that resulted in mild liver inflammation and she said my liver enzymes were just a little higher than normal. but not that bad. she said it could've been a virus or a cold. but I don't see any posts on google saying that a cold could cause that. but she said im still healthy. I asked her if I need to quit drinking alcohol but she said its okay for me to drink 1 or 2 drinks in moderation but could a cold or some type of illness cause this? is it normal for everyones liver enzymes to go up and down and they don't even know? the doctor even said I don't have hepatitis but do raised liver enzymes always mean you have a temporary mild hepatitis?

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    Yes, it IS normal for liver enzymes to go up and down. NO, it does NOT mean you have hepatitis A, B, or C. Yes, a cold CAN do that, So can sinusitis, pneumonia or taking ibuprofin.

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    Any illness, viral or bacterial, even mild illnesses can cause liver enzymes to fluctuate. Even mild illnesses like colds, activate the immune system to kill the germs making you sick meaning more infection fighting blood cells and debris from dead germs in the bloodstream. The liver is the body’s blood filter. Any change from normal in the body or bloodstream will affect liver enzymes. It’s not bad at all as long as they go back to normal after you get well. It’s not Hepatitis either. A lab recheck of liver enzymes in a month or so should show they are back to normal.

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    no they don't

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    i dont think so but rnaybe you should get another opinion if you dont trust her

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