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Am i being ripped off for this tattoo?

I want my inner forearm tatted (top to bottom) and the artist gave me a quote of $700 - $750.

I was shocked because my previous tattoo, (covers 3/4th of the FRONT of my bicep) was only $550, & I went to a well known artist from my city (so much so that he was booked for months before I got an appointment with him).

I'm a petite female, so my arms are quite small/thin. The length of my forearm is \~ 9 inches, while the the widest base of it (inner elbow) is 4 inches. My wrist is ALMOST 3 inches.

Being an artist myself, I respect any artist's hard work, and I would never try to cheap out on someone. I just want to understand if I'm being ripped off, as my previous experience wasn't as EXPENSIVE. I know every artist's process, rates, etc are different, but I wasn't expecting such a big difference in prices.

The design I want has big details, but with my arm being so thin, it'll look underwhelming. Respectfully, I asked him if we can incorporate a "wrap around" element (not entirely a full half-sleeve---just wrapping into the other side a bit) to give it more of an attractive look and compensate for my small forearm, and he told me that doing so would end up costing me even MORE for the tattoo.

I want to be well informed about the world of tattoos, so I'm hoping someone can thoroughly explain to me if this artist is being reasonable.

If a design is good enough, and if the artist's prices are fair, then I am more than willing to pay the $750.

Thanks in advance!


Note: yes I've talked to the artist about this; we've been messaging back and forth. Respectfully, he told me that this is how much he's charging me no matter what. I just want second opinions before going through with this tattoo. If it's worth it, im definitely willing to pay the $750

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  • 1 year ago

    Most artists charge by the hour, not by the size of the tattoo. If the tattoo you want has more detail, it will likely take longer and cost more.

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  • 1 year ago

    You haven't paid yet. So you're not being ripped off. If you don't like the price go elsewhere.

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  • LM440
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    1 year ago

    An easy explanation could be great tattoos aren't cheap but I want to add more. Tattoos at any price can be great value because it is one of the few things in life that you pay for once and keep forever. Excluding some that may require touch up, you never pay upkeep. I never consider any thing a rip off when you are honestly told the price up front.

    Don't focus on the $750 figure but the difference of getting it somewhat cheaper. The savings would be a smaller percentage yet. If you like this artist, and can afford it treat yourself.

    I've been going to the same artist for twenty years. I have so much faith and respect that I have never once asked for a price in advance. It's the artist I want and I save and prepare to meet the expense.

    I don't know the image you are getting but you have chosen a great location and I feel confident it will work out to please you.

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  • 1 year ago


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  • kelvin
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    1 year ago

    why not ask them

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    I know guys who charge $ 50 an hour, and I know ARTISTS who charge $ 400 an hour ...........

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