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Sinusoidal Functions Help??

A sinusoidal function has amplitude 5, period 120, and a maximum at (30°, 3).

a) Explain how you can use the given information to determine the other key features of the function.

b) Represent the function as a transformed sine function

c) Represent the function as a transformed cosine function

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    (a) The amplitude of 5 implies a range of 10, so the minima are at y = -7. The period of 120 implies a half-period of 60 deg, so there are minima at x = -30, +90, etc. Note that x = 0 is halfway between -30 and +30, so there is no phase shift if we write the function as a sine.

    (b) y = 5*sin(3x) - 2.

    (c) y = 5*cos(90 - 3x) - 2.

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