How much does it cost to publish a 200 (give or take) page graphic novel?

Self published and written. I do most of the art but I have an artist lined up for backgrounds. I live in Canada so I'm looking at Canadian prices rather than American.

If it's better to reach out to publishers, any suggestions on where I should be looking?

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  • 1 year ago
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    Color printing is expensive, the inks will cost an arm and a leg. It depends too on if you want it on glossy paper or regular, and what thickness the cover is going to be, the overall SIZE (you have several choices) etc.

    At 200 pages that's a pretty hefty size. If I were you I'd shop it around to different graphic novel publishers first, not only will they handle all this, they promote and market the book for you - all you do is collect the paycheck. Canada would work pretty much the same as the USA does.

    Have you looked online at specific graphic novel collected sites like or They have forums where a lot of this is talked about.

    To find publishers of graphic novels, check any bookstore - look at what's already published on the shelves, make note of the publishers, then check their sites online for what they're submissions guidelines are and who to contact, they have basic info there.

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