What are the steps to build a commercial building?

For example if one where to build a gym. or a mall, ect. What are the steps to build such a large commercial property?

Is the first step to hire an architect, then engineer, then builder? What is the construction flow for commercial building?

1 Answer

  • Hannah
    Lv 6
    2 years ago

    1. Find out where in the world said “one” is located.

    2. One would go to various banks, ask around, go online, or work for a large amount of $/€/£/¥ or other finance options.

    3. One would then hire a commercial realtor to secure a commercial piece of land.

    4. One would then do their “due diligence” before the transaction is complete.

    5. One then takes plans to local government to get approval and hires an architect or an engineer if needed.

    6. One then hires commercial contractors to complete the building construction.

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