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I look like this now. If I lost 50 pounds will my body look bad?

Will my stomach always be jiggly and flabby? That's what someone told me that I had stretched my skin so far that I'll never have a flat stomach again.

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    I don't think that you're so fat your skin is stretched beyond looking normal. That only happens to really fat people. I think you'll be alright looking when you lose 50 lbs. When you gonna start?

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  • joe
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    1 year ago

    You won't look great, there is more than 50 extra pounds there! You will look better though.

    Best wishes

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  • Andy C
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    1 year ago

    Not if you do it the only healthy way: by correcting your hormonal imbalance that is being caused by a BAD diet.

    No amount of good foods negates the bad. The bad is poisonous and you are addicted to the poison.

    If you wish to prevent diabetes II and most heart disease, read my source.

    Source(s): "Fat Chance..." by Dr. Robert Lustig M.D.
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