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Is it normal for a parent to use me as an excuse towards the other parent? Example: using money but saying it was spent on me (it was not).?

If my mom goes somewhere she will pretend it was me needing to go. She will say all the money she needs and spends is all because of me. She also threatens suicide if I say something wrong. Is this normal? Should I talk to someone confidentially about these things? I don’t trust anyone so I don’t know who to talk to. I find if she has money she treats me so well but when she spends too much I am treated bad and blamed for costing my parents too much money. It's always these little comments and says "I should just die". I am at university working really hard and this really can bring me down and not one person would ever suspect this. I also worry if my Dad dies that she will burn through all the money so fast. I am an only child and I worry if my dad dies before I finish my education that my mom will leave me homeless with her spending habits and credit card debt/overdrafts.


One time I said how I am good at budgeting to my Dad and after she got really pissed off saying "you know how to make yourself look good so he doesn't give me any money". I really am good at budgeting because I never want to be like her. She says because I am getting educated that I am treating her badly but honestly I am just scared and dont trust her.

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    Your mother's behavior is not normal, it is a sign of a mental issue. Is your father aware of this behavior?

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    that dont sound norrnal to rne

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    Normal? Sadly, the only part that's not normal is the threatening suicide part.

    Acceptable? Definitely not.

    Parents often play games with kids and money...or assume the other parent is. They are usually slightly less melodramatic, though.

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