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My friend told me she's suffering from mild anorexia and wants it kept between us. Do I listen or tell people? She is 25?

She's very skinny but not hospitalization skinny, does this mean she doesn't have anorexia?

She over exercises and doesn't eat carbs. She eats the same thing every single day too. .

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    You need to be there for her and listen and be patient when she talks about her illness. Anorexia isn't always obvious it is just as much a mental illness before it gets to extreme obvious physical states. Offer to go and see the GP with her and talk to her about how she feels about getting help and wanting to get better. Hopefully she will accept your help but don't pressure her into telling anybody if that makes her feel uncomfortable unless you really notice a drop in what she is eating and become worried about her health. Otherwise, it is a mental battle and she needs support and patience.

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    She either has anorexia or she doesn't. It's sort of like being pregnant... can't be "sorta" pregnant. We either are, or we are not

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    Definitely listen to Billie & no one needs to know her secret unless it's a medical professional that can help!

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    Why would you tell people!? No. That would be betraying her,

    I like billies suggestions of offering to go with her to get help when ever she is ready, There are therapist who specifically deal with this. Get a name or a few. Give them to her . Tell her if she ever wants, you will make appointment and take her there,

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    tell all your friends fast

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