why is my face so fkn lopsided?!?!?!?

like i dont understand ppl tell me my face is symmeterical but when i take a photo on camera i look so messed up like more than other people. In a photo with other people im the one that looks ridiculious i am so self conscious and dunno if it like a faze or sum like will it become more symmetrically because it is awful like i hate lookin at my self. I just dont know why i look this way man like i dont wanna sound like a biotch bc ik ppl go through a lot worse but idk its jsut how i feel

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  • 1 year ago
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    I know how you feel. My face looks symmetrical in the mirror and in selfies taken with Snapchat or Instagram (where they flip them) but in any picture taken directly of me, or a non flipped selfie, it looks asymmetrical. The difference is astounding, to the point where I feel like "flipped" me and the real me almost look like different people. I used to be very self conscious about it, but I've made myself feel better about it by reminding myself that asymmetry doesn't equal ugly. Lots of very attractive celebrities have asymmetrical faces. And on the other side, symmetry doesn't equal beauty. Thinking about it that way really helps.

    Also, I feel like how symmetrical or not your face is is something that we're much more aware of ourselves than other people are aware of. Like, when I'm deciphering whether or not I find someone attractive, I base it on features like their eyes, their hair, their smile, and their jawline. Never on whether or not their face is perfectly symmetrical. And I bet that the majority of people are the same.

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    1 year ago

    Science tells us that symmetry is the basis of beauty. But plenty of highly asymmetrical people are lauded for being good-looking. Shannen Dougherty even named her production company after the difference in measurement between where her eyes fall on her asymmetrical face. Ryan Gosling is also highly asymmetrical. So I wouldn't view this as the end of the world. People who study such things always point to Denzil Washington as having the most symmetrical face amongst all celebrities. Yet he's never been considered a romantic lead. So, as with most facets of life, it comes down to personality, accomplishment and other things that can't be captured by the camera.

  • 1 year ago

    We can't tell you why you feel it's lopsided. We don't know you and have never met or seen you.

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