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How many budgies in this cage?

My cage is 32 inches tall, 21 wide, and 26 long. How many parakeets would (Happily) fit in this cage? I have my 2 in there right now, and am thinking about getting more (if I have the space in that cage) in a few years.


Also, whenever I get new budgies, I always clip their wings until I am comfortable with them being free to fly. Right now my young and newer one, (who isn't tame yet) Shadow, has clipped wings, and my first budgie Winter, has full wings and I let her fly out of the cage a lot, so the length of the cage doesn't matter as much, right? When I trust Shadow, and her wings grow out she will be able to fly out of the cage too, and the same goes for any future budgies.

Update 2:

I don't need anymore answers. My poor Winter was killed by a hawk yesterday... I will be getting a cockatiel for Shadow, and won't be getting other birds anymore.

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    Perhaps another one, but it's best to keep an even number because they like to pair up and introducing a third to an already bonded pair can cause upset. Your cage is very tall, but parakeets like length, not height. They like to be as high as possible, so will use the level where the highest perches are and not higher/lower. Technically a lot of people might say you COULD keep more in there, but I'd advise you not to. The biggest cause of premature parakeet death (and a lot die prematurely) is lack of exercise, and it is they should be able to flutter from perch to perch so long as there isn't too many toys, which is very important. If you add more parakeets, it'll be too crowded to do so. If you want more, buy a longer cage. A 90-100cm long cage should be enough for four (assuming you let them out to fly). Don't worry too much about height, because it's not useful to them. Width and length are most important, and bigger is always better however many you have. Keep in mind that if you buy more, you'll need a second cage anyway, as they will not live together immediately and will have to be kept in a separate room to begin with for quarantine.

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