Fiancée coming to Canada?

Hey everyone.

My fiancée is from New Zealand and I recently spent 3 months there with her but now I’m back in Canada & she’s wanting to spend some time here.

She doesn’t make a great deal of money & doesn’t have a lot of financial opportunity.

She is going to live with me for the 6 months while she’s here & I make enough to support the 2 of us.

Will her not having a whole lot of money mean the CBSA will refuse her entry even if I can support her?

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    if she is coming on a tourist visa, then immigration need to be satisfied that a) she intends to return home at the end of her holiday and b) she can support herself for the duration of the stay

    If she turns up at a Canadian airport, claiming to be in Canada for a holiday, but has no idea what she wants to see / do while there, has no money and says she is seeing a Canadian boyfriend - she won't get to leave the airport.

    She needs to turn up - NOT mention any boyfriend, have money, a reason to return home - eg job / school / family etc. Nothing wrong with her saying she has friends in Canada, and giving your general family details and saying she will be staying with you for most of the time and you will be providing free board and lodging. However, she will have problems convincing them why she is free to remain for 6 months, but have no money or a reason to return home !

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    You are her "ties" to Canada. If she cannot afford all her own expenses, she is not a genuine tourist. She pays her own way from her earnings and takes a short vacation in Canada, if she can afford that. Otherwise, authorities are going to question the true nature of her stay. As it is, nobody gets 6 months vacation from their job.

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    She will be closely questioned by Canadian Immigration when she says she will be in Canada longer than for a normal holiday. If she says anything which might cause them to suspect she will violate the terms of her visit (such as working) or that she will become a burden on society then yes, they may deny her entry.

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    If she is a visitor then she needs to have enough to support herself 100% for the time she is hoping to visit, so yes it will make a difference as " having a Canadian fiance".... wanting to spend 6 months on holiday means she has no job in NZ to return home to will make immigration officers question if she will return home at all or try to remain illegally or try to illegally work

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