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Travelling to Toronto then to Niagara Falls CA . Help! Transportation?

Hey there!

So am arriving to Toronto within a couple of days. I'll be there for pretty much 3 days. We want to visit some places in Toronto for like a day then travel to Niagara Falls. I was thinking visiting Toronto as soon as we get there and when is time to check in to our hotel leave for Niagara Falls since that's where we will be staying for our whole trip. Now I don't really want to rent a car because I want it to be completely stress free for my husband and I, and I want to ride a train (never have, always wanted to) However for the second day I know we're going to have to go to Toronto since we have a thing to go to. But we wont be done till really late and I then we'll have to go back to Niagaras anyhow my question is (FINALLY!) Is there a good way to transport ourselves from and to places to visit and cheap. Is there such a thing in Toronto where you could hire someone for like three days to drive you around, or what's your advice, I know that there is the public transportation however is there other way around that. I would be really interested in getting like a private driver. Please any advice am open to take into consideration whatever. Thank you. I hope am not too confusing.

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  • Jay P
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    2 years ago

    A private driver will be very expensive. You're far better off financially to either use public transit or rent your own vehicle.

    Since you mentioned a train, you can use the GO train to travel between Toronto and Niagara Falls.

  • 2 years ago

    We took an excursion from Toronto to Niagara Falls in a small van. It wasn't terribly expensive. Go to Tripadvisor or Viator.com and search for excursions from Toronto. That was a day trip. I can't tell from your message whether you want to spend more than one day at Niagara- there really isn't much to do there.

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    A private driver would be very expensive. Public transportation (bus, taxi, Uber ,,,) is the best stress free options. Considering your Toronto event ends late you should hotel in Toronto. A train ride is easy. Go to the station, get a ticket for a city, get there, and then bring the train back (which is another good reason to stay in Toronto). Do not forget your passports to get into America.

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