How do I quit the job I hate? How do I apply for other jobs in the future?

I work at Mcdonald's and honestly I did enjoy it at first. Sure it was a headache and the cranky *** customers were a nightmare. I liked the learning experience but now I see myself getting irritated by my co-workers and managers. It's always a "team effort" when anyone makes a mistake but it's my own fault whenever I make one.

I want to apply for another job because I need the money but I also want to take a break as I've just graduated from high school and been constantly working myself with some tiny side jobs like babysitting and dog walking. I'm also planning to take a gap year to take the time to find out what I truly want to do in the future. (So the school excuse is out of the book)

What should I write on my resignation letter? How should I talk to my boss about it? Will I look bad if I take a break after I quit rather than finding employment right away to those who look at my future resume? What should I say in future interviews about my previous job??


@lindsey and to whoever also got the wrong idea: I'm not implying the mistakes wasn't my fault. I'm just saying how come I get lectured for 5 minutes but when someone else makes a similar mistake how come I get dragged into it saying I'm the one who should've been more careful because it's a "team effort." I always get blamed for things that wasn't even within my control.

Update 2:

Once again, yes I said I need the money but not urgently. It's just for extracurriculars this summer/saving up for college tuition. I'm just wondering if it'll affect how future employers look at my resume if I were to take a break.

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    As with ANY resignation, all you put is that you are resigning and your last date of employment. You NEVER give a reason for quitting or explain anything. They don't care and it isn't appropriate. Your current boss just needs to know that they will need to hire a new worker.

    You are a teenager. You can pretty much do whatever you want this summer whether it is working at a store or swimming pool or picking up odd jobs like watering plants or childcare. It is very normal for kids who've just graduated to take time off, go on family vacations, and or work part-time jobs.

    What you do want to start planning towards is the fall. If you aren't going to college in the fall, you do want to get a job of some kind. When you apply to future jobs, you simply list your dates of employment and, if required, that you resigned. Your former employer may be asked to verify your dates of employment. It would be great if someone you worked with (co-worker, supervisor, store manager) would be willing to say something good about you -- you were on time, hard worker, had a great attitude, etc. For that type of reference, you need to ask the people in person and get their personal contact information.

    Dear Mr. Jones,

    This letter is to inform you that my last day of employment with be Wednesday, July 2, 2019. Thank you for the opportunity to work here.

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    Welcome to the job market's entry-level positions. The cranky *** customers are the ones paying for your salary. The shift manager is your boss. The system is not perfect, but you are learning about people from all walks of life. Now, if you could just learn how to get along with them all, and do your job ...

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    Never take a break from working after you quit, your family will look at you sideways and begin to wonder why you're not working. You have to do something... Never quit unless you have another job lined up.

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      Their degenerate, criminal opinions have very little relevance to your life.

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    There is an article about getting a job on the Excellence-Success site.

    I am unable to cut and paste it here.

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    It’s easier to get a new job if you already have one so start alllying now. You can do almost everywhere online now. Once you secure something else, then give 2 weeks

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  • Cranky customers won't go away, if you're in a customer facing business like restaurants and retail.

    If you need the job don't quit until you have another job offer.

    You make the mistake, it's not the 'teams' fault so own up to it and apologize. Try not to let it happen again.

    Do not talk to your boss about getting another job, they could end up firing you for that. Once you're ready to quit then talk to them. Hand them a resignation letter and tell them when you plan on leaving.

    You can look up resignation letters on line and tailor one that fits your needs. Maybe tell them that the environment got too toxic and you had to get out of it.

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    Your 2 week notice letter says, "This is to inform you my last day of employment here is XXXXXXX. I appreciate the opportunities McDs has provided me." You never have to explain yourself.

    At your age, a gap in employment should be fine. If asked on an interview, just tell them you chose to take a year off prior to heading into the next stage of your life.

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    You look for a new job and when you find it you quit the old one. Do not quit before you find the next one.

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      You should probably read the entire question next time.

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