Their needs to be more of a good incentive to try harder dont ya think?

Because people are always looking to try to put a knife to your throat metaphorically speaking. Because ive been scammed out of my money TWICE, physically and mentally abused, beaten up after school, had lighters flicked in my face, got sucker punched in the back of my head TWICE while in middle school, and constantly ostracized. But I'm not trying to complain I'm just saying their needs to he more of a good enough reason for young people to try harder, because technically that's a **** load of adversity with no reward at the end, when can people start to enjoy life? When will society start providing better options?

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  • 1 year ago
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    People can start to enjoy life whenever they are not actually being physically hurt or menaced with harm, and they are not dying of disease, wounds, poison, starvation, dehydration, exposure, or asphyxia. If you aren't dealing with any of those things, and those who hurt or menace you have walked away for a moment, you can start to enjoy life. It's your choice to do so or not.

    Let's face it: your situation might be shi tty, but you can't afford to wait for it to become glorious before you put your mind to enjoying it. If you wait for that, you might NEVER enjoy a single day of your life. Nobody is guaranteed any break from disappointments, annoyances, and disasters. Much less are we promised an end to tension, stress, pressure, and vexation. You can't use the presence of those things in your life as an excuse to forego enjoying it. Enjoyment starts NOW...while you are still bleeding, but no longer being bashed.

    It's not up to society to make your road smoother. It's up to YOU to enjoy the road you find yourself on. (You don't HAVE to, of course. Your call.)

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