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A student of mine told me that due to their anorexia, they have trouble focusing and concentrating. Is this true?

She told me she has a hard time studying in the evenings because she exercises excessively so when she comes home she is exhausted and hungry. She was confiding these feelings to me and she is so beautiful that it broke my heart. Is this normal among sufferers?

She is so put together, beautiful, and clean looking. She said it started one day when she was at her boyfriends birthday dinner and she found out in front of his entire family that he lied to her and the family all started smirking at her. She said something switched inside her to tell her she wasn't good enough. She told me she brought over a gift for her boyfriend that same evening and one for his mother who also happened to be celebrating her birthday as well. She said the boyfriends family would almost emotionally bully her. She is one of the kindest students and I feel horrible for her. Can one event cause something like this?

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    A single event can't trigger a person to become anorexic. It's usually caused by underlying issues of self-image. The issue might be a flashpoint, but not the root cause.

    Being anorexic means that she's starving her body. It's diverting what little nutrition she takes in toward recovery from exercises. As a result, there isn't much nutrition going toward her brain. This makes critical thinking and concentration very difficult.

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  • Andy C
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    8 months ago

    Emotional trauma is not an excuse for not paying rent.

    • chris8 months agoReport

      paying rent also doesn't require exams, assignments, or time.

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