Who are the Neuteri Karta, Why do they reject Zionism, why they are not on national TVs.?

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  • 10 months ago
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    Greetings Bravo. Neturei Karta are a group of ultra-Orthodox Jews who reject the modern State of Israel as the Jewish national homeland and hence reject Zionism. They base this mainly on their own controversial religious and political grounds. They are not on national TV because their numbers and effect are not considered significant.

    However, you knew at least most of this, evident by your frivolous asking of what Neturei Karta is before you immediately demonstrated the fact that you already know that they are an anti-Zionist group. As you are someone who has been arguing around this topic for years now, it would be quite laughable if you didn't know what Neturei Karta is. It's also quite amusing to see that you don't understand that they are a fringe group; the most we hear about them is from people like you!

    Your "question" seems to be here to almost try and make a veiled anti-Israel argument to unsuspecting Yahoo Answers members. All I can say is keep it up; I am all for you wasting your own time.

  • 10 months ago

    Abdul, because it is not your nation....

    • BravoSierra10 months agoReport

      and will never be anybody's nation, it is a temporary nation it will disappear soon.
      The threat is not from the Arab neighbours.

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  • TNO
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    10 months ago

    I think you know who they are. Still, I'll answer your question.

    They're a small, fringe sect of ultra-Orthodox Judaism. Their size is minuscule within the Jewish world, which is saying something. They call themselves "true Jews" but even other anti-Zionist Jewish groups and individuals take issue with that...and a lot of things they do, even things unrelated to Israel.

    They reject SECULAR Zionism, wanting the creation of Israel but under an unquestionably divine power. The fact that humans are involved with the creation of Israel, and that Israel isn't an theocracy like Iran or Saudi Arabia (except for Jews instead of Muslims), is what they really oppose. Their interpretation of religious law is strict in this regard, and makes no room for anything outside their narrow interpretation of what Judaism is. Other religious Jews are fine with secular elements and people, but for NK the objection to anything secular which is why they tend to not get along with other Jews.

    As I've said, they're not a large community or even decently sized. So...why put them on tv? Their opinions, as far as Jews are concerned, are irrelevant and unrepresentative so they can only represent themselves. And NK does't hold too much power or influence so most people don't care... unless you fetishize them. Which is the role they oh so often play. A lot of people only bring them up because they want to push their Jewish identity against Israel and really wouldn't give a #$%^ about them otherwise. That's why biased outlets give them screen time whereas those without specific narratives pushing them ignore NK, recognizing them as something normally un-newsworthy.

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