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How to know if a guy u just met likes you?

I met him at a part few weeks ago, and we chatted briefly. Now, we also met randomly twice at school and he tried to talk with me both times. He also remembered my name, but did not remember my friends' names nor did he try to talk with them although we all sat at the same table.

He has not asked for my number, is he just being friendly?

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  • Janet
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    He cannot possibly like you.

    At this early stage, the most he CAN feel is sexual desire for your body.

    It takes about 6 months of steady dating for him to START to like YOU.

    Men look for sex the way women look for love/relationships.

    Men who ARE attracted to a women will pursue her and the more attracted he is, the more he pursues her and makes SURE she knows he is in pursuing her. He doesn't want some other guy to steal her away.

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