Should I speak to her about this?

First off, we are not teenagers; we re older. My best friend seems to be playing games. She ll tell me she ll pick me up at 11 ish, so I m at my front door by 11. She doesn t show up til 11.10. She s just 5 min. down the street from me. When I mention this, she says, "I m not regimental like you, & it s the weekend".I thought it a rude comment. I also asked her where she d like to go for her birthday dinner, & she said she knew where, but wouldn t say just yet. She intimated to a mutual friend that she didn t know, but didn t want to admit that to me. I feel she s playing games, & I m becoming very uneasy with it. Should I have a talk with her?


When she repeats a scenario, what she says is completely different from what really happened. It's not that she's intentionally lying...she's not all.

Update 2:

Further..whenever something is pointed out to her that she has said; she becomes very defensive., yet she's so very quick to correct someone else. I have also discovered that she has divulged some details of my Will. This isn't something that anyone should discuss.

Update 3:

Last weekend I was quite ill. Her b/f told her about this when they were on the phone. She rushed him off the phone saying she was going to phone me. It took her 15 min. to do that.

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    Maybe that just is her personality, being late, not being organised and knowing where she is going, maybe she felt bad to admit to you that she didn't know where she was going you, because she probably sees you as always being a planned person, you should have a talk with her though, let her know your concerns, the things that upset you, she is under no obligation to change it even if what she is doing is wrong, that is lying, but at the end of the day, if she values your friendship she will listen to what you are saying and do her best to make a change.

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      I intend to speak with her today, face-to-face. I want to see her reaction when I tell her I know she divulged information about my Will. If she reacts defensively, that will tell me something..she doesn't respect my confidence. I'l have lawyer make changes w/o her knowledge.

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  • tony
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    10 months ago

    . if you can’t rely on a friend their trustworthiness factor diminishes. By definition, trust is a belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc.It’s hard to find someone particularly reliable when their behavior is erratic. Considering the importance of reliability in being thought of as trustworthy, those who tend to be inconsistent might also be those who we can’t fully seem to trust. When you have a friend who religiously bails on plans, leaving you alone and waiting for them, slowly your sense of trust for that person begins to lessen, i would let her miss me for a while till she gets her sh--- together

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