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My sister keeps sleeping in my bed and it's annoying and not normal. How can I get get to stop?

I'm 15, she's 12. I think she is too old for this behavior. Basically, she saw a scary movie or video, and now she keeps turning on the hallway light on at night. But my mom will turn it off regardless, cuz she doesn't want the electric bill to go up.

Now it's been pretty often that my little sister keeps sleeping in my room, SMH! I feel very odd about this. How can I say "no"? She even sneaks into my bed without me knowing, like sometimes when i wake up in the morning, she'd be sleeping right beside me. It's so weird and embarrassing. She even keeps hugging me in public and in front of my friends, embrassing AF, smh! People have thought she was my girlfriend cuz she hugs me so much, SMH!

How can I get her to stop? She can't really sleep with our mom cuz our mom sleeps with her boyfriend, and she locks her door. I locked my door too, but my sister keeps knocking, and keeps sending text saying to please open, even sending crying emojis before, SMH! I eventually just leave it unlock now every night so I don't have to deal with that annoying non-sense.

She's 12, pretty much a teen already. Yet still acts like a child, SMH! She's still scared of the dark. The dark isn't even scary. Even if ghost are real(which they aren't), I would have no chance against them regardless. So no point of sleeping with me.

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    I’m your age and I have a sister who is 11. She does this this to me all the time too, especially if she watches something scary. But you have to remember she is younger than you and may not think the same way. She is still technically a child and yes, even though it may seem silly she’s scared of the dark, she will grow out of it eventually. And about the hugging situation, it’s not that big of a deal. It’s actually nice that your sister hugs you because many people have siblings that refuse to even talk to them.

    As hard as it may seem, please be nice and understanding to your sister. If you want, I suggest you talk to her about it or even your mom, because she has more control over your sister.

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    At your age, I'm pretty sure you find this annoying, but she is definitely still a child and I feel like you should still speak to her about how you feel.

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    Go back to locking the door, switch your phone off, and get ear plugs. Is there something she hates the smell of, but you find tolerable? For example garlic? You could eat it before going to bed, or smear open garlic capsules. Tell her if she ever gets in your bed again, you will make it known at school what a BABY she is. Even if your mom splits with her boyfriend, my guess is she would still lock her door.

    You need to nip your sister's ridiculous behavior in the bud. Otherwise, you will be expected to sacrifice the chance of any relationship with a woman for your sister's sake. Do you think any man would want to marry a wimp such as she is?

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    Cut her some slack.

    She’s only got a child-brain. She’s scared. Okay? Have some consideration for her.

    In the next year or so it will evaporate and her adult-brain will start to kick in.

    Forget talking logic. That’s not going to work.

    Just be kind to her.

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    Save up whatever money you can get your hands on and buy her a cute nightlight that's a low wattage so it doesn't use much power.

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    Tell Mom. Make it her problem to solve, not yours.

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    just tell her she needs to leave next tirne she does it

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    You should be asking your mother for help. If you were 2-3 years older this wouldn't bother you as much, btw.

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    You're overreacting.

    I think it's cute and adorable.

    1st of all, we had to share beds at that age and by the time we got our own rooms, we slumber partied together all the time and still do. As our ages range from 20s to 40s. 🥴

    Take away her horror movie privileges if it's an inconvenience. 🙄😏 I still think you're trippin'.

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    Your sister might be a teen in years yet at the same time her behaviour tells you she is still a child. And it's understandable you're getting annoyed by this, because she should be going to your mom and not you. You should tell you mom about this because it's your mom's job to reassure your sister and help her feel safe. Not saying you couldn't help her, because you can, but it's up to your mom to raise your sister, thus not your responsibility.

    If talking to your mom isn't possible or difficult there are some other things you can do.

    You can tell your sister it's not okay to get in your bed with you if you don't want her to do this. You can tell her it's okay to come in your room but that the bed is out if she still wants to come. And more importantly you should tell her you will keep your door shut if she doesn't respect this wish.

    You also could help her get a small night light that she can keep in her own room so she doesn't have to be afraid of the dark. A small led light doesn't run up the bill, for sure not if she only uses it at night. That could stop her from even coming to your room.

    You can also talk to her about watching scary movies or rather that she should stop watching them if they make her cry this much. I mean if she often sleeps with you, then she's watching too many of those movies. Unless something else is going on and that again brings me back to the point you should talk to your mom about this. It's not okay your sister watches those movies nor that she comes to you when she's scared. You're only 3 years older and shouldn't have to take care of your sister this way. So talking to your mom is the best way to stop this.

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