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How to know if a guy u just met likes you?

I met him at a part few weeks ago, and we chatted briefly. Now, we also met randomly twice at school and he tried to talk with me both times. He also remembered my name, but did not remember my friends' names nor did he try to talk with them although we all sat at the same table.

He has not asked for my number, is he just being friendly?

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    He's friendly and likely wanting to get to know you better. Whether a near stranger "likes" you or not is fairly meaningless. But a fellow who is wanting to get to know you better? That's a smart guy. He's not chatting you up, he's likely trying to get to know you better. It's a good thing. Even if it doesn't go anywhere.

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    Ask him to take you out on a date. I would, and i've done it b4

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    Shithead...if a guy pays attention to you...he likes you. What is not OBVIOUS about all of this? ONLY give him a number if he is actually GOING TO CALL YOU...and NOT TEXT YOU.

    Texting is HORRIBLE for intimate relationships. It will NEVER convey emotions properly...hence the introduction of these AWFUL EMOJIS that nobody can figure out. Do not text.

    The limit of a text should be..."can I call you now?" "can I come see you now?" , or "got home safe, goodnight". Nothing more than that.

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