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He's dating someone else...?

We dated for two years and without notice he just stopped wanting to see me and would only text me and just wasn't himself.

I didn't know what was going on. Well the past couple of days he has been posting pictures of this girl on his snapchat and it's pretty obvious he is seeing this girl.

I'm really hurt and upset he wouldn't even be honest and upfront. I feel like I wasted a long time with him.

How to move on with this? I'm really hurt

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    Sweetie, there are over seven billion people on the planet, so there is no shortage of great eligible men out there. So one-seven-billionth of the planet just treated you poorly. I know that hurts and I'm sorry for your pain, but it certainly doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you or that you don't deserve to be happy. There isn't, and you do. The sad truth about love relationships is that most of them don't last long-term. Nevertheless, you are totally right that he should have been honest and upfront with you. He owed you that. Don't ever go back to him.

    Now what? How about you love yourself enough to not make yourself suffer over a man who obviously was not right for you and didn't even have enough class to be straight with you? Looks like you're lucky he's gone. You get to determine the quality of your own life, so be very kind and loving to yourself and go have fun. If you're not ready to date yet, go out with your girlfriends.

    If you need to mope, then set a time limit on it, like a week or two (no more), and mope away. After that, keep yourself too busy to have time to fret. Take up a new hobby (YouTube has instructional videos on just about everything). Take a class. Work on your career plans. Volunteer. Make a list of things you want to do and do them. You can do all that right now and not mope at all -- up to you.

    When you're ready, go find yourself a guy who is worthy of your love. They are out there. In the meantime, don't punish yourself. You've already been punished for nothing and you didn't deserve it.

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    Move on by remembering that a guy who would behave like that is an immature piece of crap that didn't deserve you, and that you're better off without him.

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    block him. Cry when needed, time heals everything and he clearly doesn't deserve you so you shouldn't want no parts of him anymore. But our hearts still feel the need to be with them you just have to let time do it's thing and try to move on the best you can.

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