Becoming a Respiratory therapist?

I have my bachelors degree in human resource management but I want to change fields. In order to become a RT , would I still have to do 4 years to get a bachelors degree in RT or because I have my bachelors could I enter a master program ? Or do a 2 year program ? I can’t find the right info online

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    State regulations vary, but where I live, RT is an associate program - you would get credit for required academic classes that you took, and only take any academic classes the RT requires that you didn't take, PLUS all the clinical stuff.

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    An associates degree and certification are required to be a respiratory therapist. There is also a diploma, but they are not licensed or certified to work in ICU. My source is a retired respiratory therapist.

    If Bachelors degree at any of the courses you took for the bachelors degree are older than 5 calendar years old, those credit hours probably will NOT transfer to an associates degree. You are not qualified to get into masters program without a bachelors degree. Yes, you CAN EARN a second and even a third bachelors degree. I have 3 bachelors degrees and I did NOT double major. I also have the equivalent of more than 1 masters degree, but I have only one M.S. diploma and a 160 page masters thesis.

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    You would need to go through a RT program, how long depends on what classes will get credited to pre reqs and gen eds. Find a program in you area and look at their requirements and call them. They are licensed through the state allied health boards, which should also have info for you.

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