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How to tell my husband I want someone else?

I been with my husband for 13 yrs and I love him alot we got married at 17 and he was 22 but our love life is starting get boring and our sex is full and boring.idk why but I started to lust for black guys I never been with one before but I love staring at my black co worker guys.i love their swag,their dark skin,full lips,how tall they are,muscular bodies and tuff guy attitudes.also love the way they white girl btw but I don't think they are into white girls too much cause when I flirt wit them they never flirt back or they just laugh and walk away.every time I have sex with my husband I turn tv on to basketball just to see and pretend he one of the tall black NBA players tho ik he is alot smaller than them down do I confess to my husband I'm really interested in being with a black man without hurting him?

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    Tell him and chances are your marriage is over. There is only a small chance he would agree.

    BTW, It's a common fantasy :)

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    The problem here is your vain and narcisstic! Bottom line nothing will ever be enough for you, its like a coke head who gets a sniff of it, but wants more because of the increased tolerance levels! In lamens terms even if you hook up with a black guy that won't long term satisfy you, you will then want a guy who is stable and accepts you for who you are.

    Until you grow up and fix this, your vanity issues will carry on.

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    Your love life and your sex life is getting boring because you rely on outer things to distract you from your inner unhappiness .. that you are not facing but it still control you.

    No matter WHO you get together with, the relationship becomes boring UNLESS you are whole and complete inside.

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    Doesn't matter how you tell him, you are going to hurt him, that's a no brainer, come on, how old are you, 12? That's obvious.

    Look into couple's therapy for you and your partner. You are bored and that's why you are lusting over others. The responsibility of keeping your relationship interesting and fun is yours and your husband's.

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    Are you white?

    1. That's cheating

    2. That's bestiality.

    3. You are a troll.

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    Idk you dont tell em

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    Don't tell him. Instead ask him to dress like a black guy when he enters you.

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