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Do we have any suggested recourse against this ruthless and heartless lawyer?

Our right to redeem our home has been trampled on by opposing counsel in a power of sale. Met with silence and a lack of cooperation until today when we re informed that the condo is sold. Numerous requests by us and brokers and lawyers for statements and appraisals have been ignored or maliciously denied.

New information also suggests that a lawyer we hire can stop opposing council s process.

We need a lawyer to step in and say we have been prepared to pay for weeks but never given our legal opportunity to do so.

Maliciously and vindictively forced to wait and stalled and denied our rights.

I understand how we got here but have honestly been fighting to remedy this since March. There has got to be some recourse given the other lawyer s complete disregard for the process.

I m baffled too that if we sell on hour own we have full right to take over $5000 of chandaliers, window covers and an expensive bathroom wall cabinet bur replace them with what was there from the builder. Do we not have any rights when it comes to our possessions clearly being stolen and sold, including $1500 of medication from the fridge that they refused to let us retrieve.

FYI....ended up in the hospital as a result.

Please shed light or advise but we don t need judgment. Already doing that internally.

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  • Bill
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    11 months ago
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    curtains , light fittings , carpets are all called fittings and unless stipilated in the sale contrat cannot be removed

    However for the rest contact the law society and lodge a complaint agains your solicitor

    If the facts stand , that solicitor stands a chance of being disbarred because of his illegal practices

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      Thank you for that information. Having purchased a newly built empty condo, it seems insanely unfair that the things expensive we bought can be stolen and sold simply because we had to install them. Our mortgage paid for an empty condo yet it's legal to take possession from an upgraded better condo.

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  • 11 months ago

    I think you're confused about the redemption process. The right of redemption is a time period, after the bank has taken possession, to redeem (buy back) your home.

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      I understand that. But the banks lawyer did not follow that during that time or any other tine. Deliberately ignored it. And when he said he was open to discussion and taking payment, he went silent again. Our lawyer was frustrated at his illegally stalling and ignoring

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  • 11 months ago

    If you need a lawyer to step in, then get a lawyer. We cannot help from here. And tell him/her the truth.

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    You failing to pay has nothing to do with "Maliciously and vindictively".

    You had plenty of time to pay. Long before now. Move on.

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    • Never
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      You were using big words that don't mean what you think they mean. Nothing whatsoever about it was personal. It was business. You do not have a suit and you would lose if you tried.

      Move on.

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