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how does israel determine if one is jewish or not if they enter the country and be granted citizenship under the law of return?

I heard they use DNA testing now. is that actually true?

also I am ethnically jewish but I converted to christianity 2 years ago. jesus christ is my lord and saviour? can I still become an israeli citizen?

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    There is no DNA test that tells whether a person is Jewish. (There are DNA tests that tell whether a person has Jewish ancestry, but they aren't always right, and they don't tell whether the ancestry is on the branch of the family tree that matters legally.)

    According to the Jewish law that Israel follows, a person who is born Jewish (meaning that the person's mother was Jewish when the person was born) remains Jewish forever, even if they "convert" to another religion, so you could enter the country and become a citizen, but I'm not sure why you would want to. Moving to Israel puts you at much higher risk of being killed by terrorists, and really doesn't make sense if you don't consider yourself Jewish.

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  • They allow orthodox rabbis to "decide."

    Which means they'd likely not consider you to be jewish unless you were practicing in an orthodox temple.

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    It used to be that the mother had to be Jewish but now that is less strict a requirement.

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    They inspect your todger to see if you are circumcised.

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