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Magic the Gathering instants?

So say you have 2 instants that say "exile all cards from targets graveyard, you gain 3 life for each card exiled this way". Say they have 1 card in their graveyard and you play this card, you gain 3 life. But, would you be able to place 2 of those cards to get 6 life from his 1 card?

(I am pretty sure you can not but my brother says you can so I'm just wondering.)

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    Make him explain how, by going through each action he'll surely realise why he's wrong.

    You play one copy of the card, and place it on the stack.

    You play the second copy of the card, and place it above that on the stack.

    The second copy of the card resolves first, you exile all cards from the target's graveyard (1) and gain 3 life for each, so you gain 3.

    However when the first copy of the card resolves, there are no longer any cards in the target's graveyard, so why/how can you gain 3 life from the card you already exiled?

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