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How to know if a guy u just met likes you or is being friendly?

I met him at a part few weeks ago, and we chatted briefly. Now, we also met randomly twice at school and he tried to talk with me both times. He also remembered my name, but did not remember my friends' names nor did he try to talk with them although we all sat at the same table.

He has not asked for my number, is he just being friendly?

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    For a guy to like you, it takes time. But here are the signs he likes you:

    1. He will text you frequently

    2. He tells you that he enjoys your company

    3. He compliments you a lot

    4. He is curious about your hobbies

    5. He holds deep conversations with you

    6. He treats you very kind

    Here are the signs he is being friendly:

    1. He is distant if you try to make something happen with him

    2. He just says hello and nothing else because of manners

    3. He is not that happy to be around you

    4. He doesn't really suggest hanging out

    5. No compliments

    Based on your description, you need to ask him out on a date and feel his vibe. The information you gave is not enough to determine that he likes you.

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    1 year ago

    Idk, ask him if he wants to see your vagina

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