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How to remove food from a cavity hole? This is bothering me to know end and I don't go to the dentist till next week. Pls no rude answers?

I have a cavity on my upper back tooth. It builds up food and of course it smells. I've researched to know end on how to remove food from there. I know my fam is tired of the loud clicking noise I make w/ my tongue trying to suck food out of the cavity hole. I brush twice or sometimes 3x a day, I floss, use plackers, and the little bristle things that look like tooth picks with bristles and they work only a little. Floss and the plackers don't help and the tooth bristles work until they start to bend. I've tried rinsing with mouthwash and peroixide..nothing helps. I go to the dentist to get it looked at on July 11th. They aren't gonna actually do the procedure then. Someone has to know od some way I can remove this food from this hole in the meantime.

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  • 2 years ago

    You should use a small syringe filled with water to flush out the debris.

    This is how the sockets of extracted teeth are cleaned out during healing.

    You can probably find some youtube videos on it.

    FYI - if the tooth is this decayed and does not hurt, it means the root is dead.

    You may be able to "keep" the tooth with a root canal and crown.

    Or it may need to be extracted. You can get a dental implant as a replacement, if desired.

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