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How can I gain common sense?

I'm decently "book smart" OR I just am blessed to temporarily remember random pieces of info on tests / I guess pretty well (but I tend to forget the info pretty soon after the test is over). I don't have as much luck/ am not as blessed with critical thinking skills or things that are common sense, in pretty much any subject. I kinda feel like I'm screwed, but is there anything I can do to become smarter? PLEASE HELP!

-- I'm not stupid; I'm just not very smart.

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    i'm not a big fan of the term "common sense."

    i think there's a certain kind of person who puts waaaay more stock in the value of their "common sense," than it warrants

    really, it's a just a matter of your instincts about things, and it gets honed by experience, over time, that's all

    it's not something you ever want to ignore or anything; people have it for a reason, but it's most definitely no kind of substitute for actual critical thinking, investigation, logic, research and so on.

    i've met lots of people that will pull opinions straight out of their a ss about absolutely anything that comes up, even when it's something they admit they've never heard about in their entire life, up to that moment, based on their "common sense," and then loudly present their opinion as an "obvious fact..." and get honestly and seriously insulted if you point out that it's nothing of the kind

    we've got one of those in the white house now actually

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    Pursue what you love

    It'll kinda connect with everything in general

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    Common sense is based on experience and

    Learning how things work or effect other things.

    Things that hurt others or could hurt you should

    Be remembered and avoided. Like poison ivy

    = a month long painful rash on your skin. Smoking = cancer and lung failure and huge hospital

    Expenses if you are stupidly doing it and dismiss the warning on the pack of cigarettes.

    You must not dismiss warning labels and

    Visit a hospital to see why people got injured

    Or are suffering and make a note so you don't

    End up like them in the future. Learn from others

    Mistakes. To lessen you pain and suffering in life

    And hopefully enjoy life with fewer problems.

    You need to learn how things work and how

    To maintain them. Good luck nothing is easy.

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