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Can you order poutine without cheese curds at restaurants in Canada?

If I wanted to plan on going to Canada, and was interested in trying poutine, I was wondering if you can order poutine with no cheese curds on it. Can you order poutine without cheese curds on it yes or no?

If I ever wanted to plan on going to Canada and was interested in trying poutine, I was wondering if you can order poutine with no cheese curds on it.

I just want to know! I want some answers please! I'm not allergic to cheese or lactose intolerant (and can drink normal milk) , and I'm not on a dairy-free diet or anything (which is not applicable to me), but I just prefer not to have them on my food or poutine! It's just my personal preference. I choose not to have them on my food!


I just prefer not to have cheese on my food! Except for if it's in Kraft Mac and Cheese, or on Pizza, or in Cannolis, or on Carrot Cake, or in Kraft Easy Cheese spray, or in homemade mac and cheese!

Update 2:

I can have cheese and can drink regular milk, I'm just really picky about having cheese that is all! I'm just really picky with cheese that is all!

Update 3:

A dairy-free diet certainly doesn't apply to me!

Update 4:

The reason why I had to explain that I don't have an allergy or intolerance to cheese or milk is because whenever I said something about ordering poutine without cheese curds in Canada is because,

. Basically you're all confusing it with milk allergy or lactose intolerance or being vegan vs. something simply being part of my 5 senses (which would be tasting and feeling).

Update 5:

And of course I'm not allergic to milk!

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    So you want fries and gravy instead? Pretty sure they have that in the US.

    Some lower quality restaurants serve poutines with just shredded cheese instead of cheese curds but that wrecks it. I would recommend just having the curds on there, its fantastic. Why not? This would be like me going to India and ordering a chicken curry dish, but asking them to hold the curry spices....whats the point? That's now how the dish is prepared and your missing out.

    Either way, enjoy Canada!

    Fair enough, not everyone likes cheese. But you realize that traditional poutine is fries, gravy, and cheese. You take out the get fries and gravy. Which are served everywhere already, and not unique to Canada.

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    Fries and Gravy are more popular in Canada than Poutine.  Poutine is more recent that started as a regional dish, and is now country wide.  So almost a good thing for you because a lot of fast food places serve it now, but it is horrible in many of those places.  Meanwhile fries and gravy has been popular for decades and decades and it is hard to get it wrong.  Most places that get it wrong, would be in the USA.  lol

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    Why would you want to? That’s not poutine, that’s a disgrace to Canada.

  • 2 years ago

    Yes you can. It's commonly known as fries with gravy.

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  • 2 years ago

    If it doesn't have cheese curds, it's not poutine. It's just chips and gravy.

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    Didn't you ask this already? The answer is the same this time as it was then. Poutine without cheese curds is fries with gravy. Yes, you can order that in Canada.

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    Order it any way you like.

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    Chile fries. I lived on that in college. Or you could try the Jack Nicholson toast thing from Five Easy Pieces. HOLD the lettuce, HOLD the chicken......

  • 2 years ago

    without curds its fries and gravy..ask for that and you will get it.

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