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why isn't gay marriage legal in israel?

why is gay marriage legal in canada, australia and even the united states but not in israel?

anyone know?

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    Forget gay marriage. Even civil marriage between heterosexual Jews and Arabs/Christians is not legal in Israel. It is to prevent assimilation and keep Jews and rest of the Israelis 'separate'. It is just a form of apartheid. You can get go to Cyprus, get married, come back, apply for marriage certificate from Israeli government. But it is a lengthy process and most will not do it. They are discouraging it as much as possible.

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    Israel has same sex unions, which are recognized legally there. As well if you are married in a different country and live there they recognize that as well. So technically while it isn't called a marriage in law there, they do have gay marriage. Unlike the surrounding countries that are trying to kill the jewish people, throw gays off roofs or burn them alive.

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    Technically, it isn't.

    The issue is that the religious courts in Israel refuse to perform them. They're the ones who perform ALL marriages in Israel, whether they be Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Druze, or whatever. These courts are filled with clergymen who are traditional and will never allow it. Reform Judaism will allow it, but it's established that the marriage power for Jews is monopolized by the ultra-Orthodox. If the Reform were given this power, so many people would circumvent the de facto ban without issue. With Christianity, Islam and Druze, there is the added issue of Arab culture and to see how that's an issue, look at LGBT issues in the rest of the Middle East.

    It's not just gay marriage that suffers in Israel: All forms of non-traditional marital unions find problems forming marriages in Israel. Interfaith couples have troubles, whether they be Jews and non-Jews or within the Arab community, as Christian and Muslim communities oppose marrying each other as well. Also, Jews with questionable Jewish status (like many from the Soviet Union) may see their marriages rejected because the ultra-Orthodox refuse them. And those who are just not religious and don't want to conform to religious standards for marriage have their complaints too. Israel needs a civil marriage law, which if put into place will solve all the issues as all of these unions if performed outside of Israel are recognized so the issue is 100% the marriage courts.

    So, we can see gay marriage in Israel and in a legal manner because we see those performed outside of Israel recognized and treated the same as any other marriage within Israel. That's because the State, and not religious courts, recognize these unions and do legitimize the gay ones as well. The problem is just marrying within Israel.

    Edit: Australia, Canada and the USA are less controlled by religious courts, basically. And by that I mean religion should have no power over the law. So, that's basically why. It's not like these places have had gay marriage for a long time, though.

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    for the same reason why civil marriage between heterosexual Jews is not legal in Israel: Jewish religious law apply when it comes to marriage and divorce...and gay relationships , leave alone gay marriage , are banned from the Jewish religious standpoint...

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    Because the government of Israel doesn't make any marriages (even straight ones) legal. It leaves it up to the various religions to decide for themselves, which means, for example, that divorced Catholics can't remarry there.

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    Because religion is stupid

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    Same reason it wasn't legal in Australia five years ago.

    Different countries have different laws.

    Stupid question.

    Please hurry back 😎


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      what's your opinion on the israeli-palestinian conflict?

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