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Ay matey! Those of us on board. Let us sail our ships through the vast seas, away from religion, and spirituality, and on towards jokes and?

riddles, and we should all start talking about religious stuff there. and then we can tell all the people in jokes and riddles to come here to religion and spirituality, and we can do a whole switch a roo.

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    All hand hoy!

    Get the mains into the wind ye scallywags! Adventure and booty await!

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    1 year ago

    Even Atheism is a religion! Atheism is just a religion that as of 2007 has been tested and Proved by scientists to be All fiction!

    Have you ever been able to find any real proofs to confirm it? No scientists have! Not that was real!

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    1 year ago

    The Virgin Mary is Star of the Sea. It is good to honor her daily by carefully reciting her angelic psalter.

  • Feel free to head over there, dear.

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