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How to pack efficiently?

I'm going on a trip from Calgary to Ottawa for one week next month. I'm only 15 and it'll be my first time flying alone. It costs $25 for each checked bag so I'd like to avoid checking any bags. I have a carry on suitcase but I'm not sure if it's big enough to fit a week's worth of clothing, toiletries and more. How can I pack as much as possible into the suitcase? I'll also have a backpack so I can probably fit my toiletries in there.

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    I can get everything I need for ten days into a carry-on. More than I need, actually. I usually don't even wear every item. I take a carry-on size suitcase and a small backpack as a personal item.

    You are only allowed a medium-size ziploc bag for any liquids, creams, or gels, and you have to be able to close the bag with everything in it. Get some small bottles to use for things that are too expensive to buy a small amount of where you're going or that would be hard to find. Dollar stores are a good place for that. You can buy travel sizes of many things, but even those are really too large for one week's worth. Experiment a little with quantities. Most people use far more shampoo, for example, than they really need. Unless you really need something special to wash your hair and face and body with, you can probably use whatever they have where you're staying. And you can wash all of you with shampoo. You don't need something separate for that. I take special stuff because I have a skin condition, but I can get 15 very small bottles into my medium ziploc bag. Moisturizers, cleansers, liquid foundation, sunscreen, perfume, toothpaste. I don't even use all of every bottle in a week. I use a deodorant that is a solid----it's called Crystal--so it doesn't need to go in the ziploc. Neither does a bar of soap or a pencil eyeliner.

    For clothes, wear your bulkiest things onto the plane. Things you wear, even a jacket you carry over your arm as you board the plane, don't count as luggage. So wear your jeans, your heaviest shoes, and your thickest top to the airport, maybe over something lighter so you can take the thick top off on the plane. Pack the lighter stuff.

    If you can do laundry partway through the week, take enough socks and underwear for four days. Take four or five tops, two or three jeans/shorts/skirts. If you choose the right ones they will get you through almost any occasion. Lay out your clothes before, to make sure that every top goes with every bottom. Do not take things that don't go with everything else, unless you need some special outfit, like if you're attending a wedding. Every top should look okay with every bottom. Take things that don't wrinkle easily, if you can, or things that don't matter if they wrinkle.

    Roll your clothes. They pack much smaller that way. Fold them into a rectangle, then roll. Stuff socks into shoes. Cram underwear into corners after everything else is in. I take a couple of large ziplocs to put laundry in.

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    "How can I pack as much as possible into the suitcase? "

    Jesus H. You're going for a week. Not a year,

    Suitcase and backpack? Choose which. You'll be charged for both.

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    Roll your clothes to get them as small and compact as possible

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    Monochromatic color such as navy and (white); you can wear shorts 2-3 times, wear your largest and heaviest on the plane. You do not need masses of makeup, no one will see you. Be aware, if your country limits liquids and gels etc in carry ons. One pair of shoes for daytime, one small pair for evening if going out at all, if beach type trip a pair of flaps/sandals. Three pairs underware, wash each pair in sink-get light weight ones that will dry in one day. Thin pajamas. You dont need to be a fashion plate etc, as its vacation and you will never see those people again.

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    I've traveled for 3 weeks out of a carry on size bag. Roll things up very tightly and wedge them in. You need

    1 pair of jeans= wear them on the plane

    2 pair of shorts

    3-4 light shirts or tops


    something to sleep in

    bathing suit?

    If you're where you can do laundry, plan to do some halfway through the trip, or you can wash things out in your hotel room and dry them in the shower.

    If you think you'll be going to dinner somewhere nice, take a lightweight pair of pants or skirt and a decent looking top.

    Check on what kind of plane you're going to be in. If it's a small one, they may make you gate check your bag, but that won't cost anything, as long as it's carry on size. And make sure your backpack will fit under the seat in front of you. You're not supposed to take two spaces in the overhead, and if they decide your backpack is your main carry on, they'll charge you for the other bag.

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    you can always wear the clothes rnore than one day in a row so you dont have to pack rnuch

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